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CC #: 2236
File #: 0203-13-02
Title:Traffic Signal Equipment (RFQ 10-3324) - Purchase Orders

  Sue Jessup 916-746-1702


Meeting Date: 8/3/2022

Item #: 7.1.


Staff recommends that the City Council adopt resolutions to authorize purchase orders with AM Signal, LLC., AZCO Supply, Inc., Control Tech West, Inc., Econolite Control Products, Inc., EYEP Solutions, Inc., J A Momaney Services, Inc. dba JAM Services, Inc., McCain, Inc., Tesco Controls, Inc., and Western Systems, Inc. as the lowest responsive and responsible bidders for the purchase of traffic signal equipment in response to Request for Quotes (RFQ) No. 10-3324.

The bid allowed for four optional renewal years at one-year intervals. Staff requests authorization to continue utilizing the remaining optional renewal years without further Council approvals, provided that the applicable budget is approved by the City Council each year, or until the contract expires or until City staff determines that continuing with the same vendor is not in the City's best interest.

The Public Works Department has an ongoing requirement for miscellaneous traffic signal items including, but not limited to, traffic signal boxes and lids, traffic signal cameras and pole mount kits, traffic control cabinets, control cabinet battery back-ups, control cabinet detectors, control cabinet load switches, Ethernet switches, LED (light-emitting diode) signals and LED signal heads, etc. These items are purchased on an as-needed basis throughout the year for use in the repair, upgrade, and maintenance of existing traffic signals as well as the installation of new traffic signals throughout the City. Vendors were asked to quote a total of 117 items that are stocked in the Traffic Signals warehouse. The contract is awarded on a per line item basis to the lowest responsive bidder for each product. 

The GTT Opticom products specified in the bid utilize a multimode priority control system using both infrared and GPS/radio communication.  Three of the bid items (two Control Cabinet Discriminators and an Opticom Detector) will be awarded to the second lowest bidder because the units proposed by the apparent low bidder, AM Signal, are only capable of using infrared communication.

A formal bid was issued and the vendor responses are listed on the attached bid summary sheet.

The estimated total annual spend is $840,000 for FY2022-23. Funding is included in the Public Works Department's Traffic Signal capital improvement project budgets and in the Electric Fund budget for maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement.

Spending for future renewals will be contingent upon Council approval of budgets. Estimated spending for the optional renewal years is as follows: FY2023-24, $865,200; FY2024-25 $891,156; FY2025-26 $917,890; FY2026-27 $945,426.


The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) does not apply to activities that will not result in a direct or reasonably foreseeable indirect physical change in the environment, or is otherwise not considered a project as defined by CEQA Statute §21065 and CEQA State Guidelines §15060(c)(3) and §15378.

The purchase of traffic signal equipment meets the above criteria and is not subject to CEQA. No additional environmental review is required.


Goal E - Deliver exceptional city services

Goal F - Invest in well-planned infrastructure and growth

Respectfully Submitted,

Sue Jessup, Buyer

Dennis Kauffman, Assistant City Manager/Chief Financial Officer 

Dominick Casey, City Manager

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